Huzzar reclaimed vintage bellydance necklace


Great little statement piece that looks fabulous worn with a kaftan or indian style dress

This piece started off as a bellydance belt I think, but it was so damaged I decided to rescue it and re-design it into a choker necklace or collar.
I'm not certain exactly when or where this piece is original from , it could well be from the 70s or possibly later.
I am also unsure of what it is made from so It may not be suitable for people with metal allergies.
Its difficult to describe the colour but I would say it is both gold and silver tone!

>Fastens at back with hook and links

LENGTH: 39-50cm
MAXIMUM WIDTH( of large triangular panel): 9cm
MAXIMUM DROP 9cm (length of longests panel)

There is no tarnishing, missing hoops or broken links

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